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It includes  effective step-by-step writing guidelines, suggested headings, sub-headings and paragraphs, resources for your arguments, impressive illustrations and tables as well as evaluation of the final draft of your application for receiving critical comments for making your application to stand-out. 

Welcome to the Valuefy™ Expert Service that is an online automated system for developing an excellent Horizon 2020 grant application for anyone that wishes to be guided step-by-step on why, what and how to write their arguments. Valuefy™ users can have access to examples of arguments, tables and illustrations that make their proposal content distinct and impress the evaluators. All the above guidance is fully automated but in addition, Valuefy™ users can opt-in to have the final draft of their proposal reviewed by an experienced external evaluator that will provide critical comments and recommendations for impressing further the funding authority and its evaluators. The platform is based on analysing more than 100 successful applications on Horizon 2020

Valuefy™ Expert Service is the best platform for developing quickly winning H2020 grant applications with limited resources.  The Valuefy™ Expert Service platform is continually updated with the latest developments in Horizon 2020. 

Eventually, writing a grant application in Horizon 2020 has never been till now that straightforward and a process full of detailed instructions and examples with the ultimate aim to transcend the  value of your proposal sections to the evaluators and impress them in each one of the selection sub-criteria. 

Although Valuefy™ examples, guidance, templates and tools are applicable mainly on collaborative and highly competitive type of actions such as RIA (Research & Innovation Action), IA (Innovation Action), FTI (Fast Track to Innovation), MSCA ITN, FET Open as well as innovative and business oriented ones such SME instrument phase 1 and phase 2,  still the platform can be extremely useful and inspiring also for applicants in other type of actions such as in ERC Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants, Synergy Grants, MSCA Individual Funds, RISE, etc.

Moreover, anyone that is active in exploiting European funds or any state funds will find Valuefy™ principles, resources and guidance one of the most valuable tools for developing or evaluating successfully any grant application. This is because Valuefy™ platform is built with the main purpose to support and guide applications to develop winning proposals in the most challenging and competitive programme in the whole world, i.e. Horizon 2020. Hence, to an extent, its principles, tips and templates can cover any other funding programme at a national, European or global level.  

Therefore, the resources and step-by-step guidance  of Valuefy™ Expert Service are so great that are also applicable for writing any winning EU grant application. 

Valuefy™ Expert Service Structure

Choose from the navigation links above but also below the section in your H2020 grant application that you wish to have the step-by-step guidance and access to writing resources for a winning proposal. 

Additionally outside the Valuefy™ Expert Service, you can purchase the:

  • Valuefy™ Premium Service if you wish to have a section of your proposal up to 15 pages externally evaluated by an EC expert
  • Valuefy™ VIP service, if you wish to have the whole proposal up to 70 pages externally evaluated by an EC expert