Why Impact section is so important

0. Why Impact Section is so Important

2.0 Introduction

How to write the section "2.O Introduction for the Impact section"

2.1 Expected Impacts

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Expected Impacts: How to write sections 2.1.1 till 2.1.7

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How to write section 2.1.8 - Stakeholders Analysis

How to write section 2.1.9 Innovation Capacity and Integration of New Technology

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How to write section 2.1.10 Barriers

2.2 Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Measures

What you need to know for this important section

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How to write the section 2.2.1 Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy

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Which dissemination methods to consider in our 2.2.1 strategy

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Which exploitation practices to consider in your dissemination and exploitation strategy (2.2.1)

How to identify the best partner and resources for each dissemination and exploitation activities

A winning factor: How to measure the performance of your dissemination and exploitation stategy

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Additional Milestones expected to be achieved by European Commission

What to consider when writing the section 2.2.2 Communication Strategy

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How to structure your communication plan based on the table/template below

Use as a guide a full communication plan already used in a winning project

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How to structure section 2.2.3 Future Plans

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Understand the Research and Innovation Development Cycle of your suggested project

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Example of Industrialisation/Commercialisation Plan

How to structure section 2.2.4 Business Strategy

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How to structure section 2.2.5 Open Data Management Plan